Hope for the discouraged

FullSizeRender (3)I will admit that I’ve been kind of discouraged with myself lately. Why can’t I have more energy, more patience, more gratefulness for all of the blessings in my life? Picking on yourself never leads to anything good, nor does comparing yourself to others. I look in the mirror and say “You could do better.”

You know what? It’s true. I could do better, but instead of putting it like that, I’d like to say “I am better today.” Not better like a competition that I have to work at, but better because I’ve lived and learned for one more day.

Before I say anything to myself, I ask whether it’s something I’d say to someone I love. I certainly wouldn’t tell a friend,

“You can’t balance everything.”

“Why are you so lazy?”

“Other people can do this; why can’t you?”

Those are the kinds of things I would never even think about someone else, so why was it okay to talk to myself that way? I’m learning to think of myself as a kind and supportive friend to a younger woman who needs my help. She needs encouragement and a pep talk and sometimes a little time off from all of her responsibilities. I let her know she is strong and she can keep going, even when she thinks it’s impossible, and that she is better today, just for being herself.

What do you need to hear from yourself today?

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7 thoughts on “Hope for the discouraged

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself Grete. Give yourself a pat on the back for all you have accomplished. You & the boys have a great weekend.

  2. Good Morning Grete, Thinking there some things you can’t fix. Just hope my granddaughter takes her blinders off & makes sure my 3 great grand kids are safe. It’s a worry. Will just keep praying that things will be ok. Take care & have a good day. Mary

  3. Read the blog on the coffee situation. More power to you if you can drink tea. The smell of a cup of tea makes my stomach start to roll. During the week I have a teacher that brings me coffee every a.m. so we just exchange insulated cups. I no longer make any at home on those days but Sat. & Sun. I drink a pot. Love the smell of a good cup of coffee & not any of the “yuppy” ones that are out there now. Black coffe is my fix. Enjoy your day. Mary

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